Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It's been quiet here for a while, and I'm not entirely sure why.  I've just had the entire month of April off for the most part and have spent the majority of my days enjoying my time alone in my apartment. I thought for sure I'd have tons to blog about especially with this new found time of mine... But no, the hours wore on, and the days flew past, and all of a sudden I'm right at the end of my month away. Why have I been so absent here?

I think it's because I'm afraid to write.

Let me start over... the other day I was enjoying a particularly good date night with the mister, and we found ourselves sitting in a cafe on one of Sydney's busiest streets. Sipping on coffee and enjoying the yummiest banana split I'd had in a while, I began to complain about... well myself. I was frustrated that I had all this time to write and nothing was coming to me. I knew deep down that I was avoiding my blog like the plague, but I couldn't figure out why.

You see, I've been writing in a public space for over 10 years now. I started with xanga and after a long love affair worked my way to tumblr. There, I wrote and I wrote and I wrote nearly every day about anything. Anything. I found it freeing. But around this time last year, I started to fall out of love with the site and looked for some place "more mature" some place where I could start a fresh, get rid of all my teenage angsty posts and write more like the bloggers I aspired to be. Bloggers like her, and her and them.

I got bogged down in making my site look more "professional" and writing content that I thought people wanted to read. I started categorizing my posts and discussing my outfits and trying to keep up with a sort of schedule. While YES these things absolutely work for many amazing bloggers out there, I've found it doesn't work for me. I've had years and years of posts that I can look back on and know exactly where I was in that time of my life and exactly how I felt. But this past year? This past year of blogs have been the furthest from personal and meaningful I can get. It saddens me.

So now what? To be honest I'm not sure. I know that things definitely need to start changing around here, and I need to focus much less on what readers think (are there even any of you?) and focus much more on how I feel. I need to write good content that is important and meaningful to me. I need to rehash and refocus and bring this place the same authenticity I had in other blogs past... even if that means dropping the photo content significantly. (I've never been good at that!)

Fingers crossed...

Saturday, April 13, 2013


It's hard not to get inspired or influenced by what's going on in the states.  Even though it feels like I'm a world away from California, little bits and pieces of what's going on over there always trickle down into my consciousness.  So unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that Coachella is happening this weekend in Palm Springs. Oddly enough, today's outfit and this week's nails were probably influenced by the festival, and and are probably things I would wear if I was going to Coachella this year.

To cure the little bit of homesickness I'm feeling, I'm also watching the Youtube stream every chance I get. So far I've been loving Metric and Blur, was disappointed in Passion Pit's set, and am looking forward to Cafe Tacvba, How to Destroy Angels, New Order, THE POSTAL SERVICE, and too many more.  How awesome is technology?!

Whatever & wherever you are this weekend, hope it's great!

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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Outfit of The Day!

I know, I know, these posts are few and far in between, but to be honest they're hard for me to do.  I don't have a tripod, and most days I don't have anyone to photograph me outside during the daylight. I also don't have guts. I'm really awkward in front of the camera. 

In any case, the stars aligned yesterday when my sister took some photos of me outside my house, where I didn't feel too awk. Phew! 

In other news, long pants and layers are back to being staples in my closet as winter draws nearer and nearer. (eek!) I admit although I hate winter, for me, it's easier to show off a bit more of my style than summer. In summer I'm mostly prone to putting on simple shorts & a tee since it gets pretty scorching hot out here.  I'm excited to get back in the groove of outfit planning and hopefully posting a bit more of these style posts. 

Outfit details: 
Jacket: New Look 
T-Shirt: Cotton On 
Pants: SES
Boots: Top Shop
Bag: purchased in the Philippines 


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Saturday, April 06, 2013


So I know the Easter holidays are over, and most of us are chocolate overloaded, but for the select few that aren't, (like me!)I thought I'd share this cookie recipe with you.  I've tried many a cookie recipe over the last couple years, but this hands down is my fave. I've adapted it from here

125g butter
½ cup brown sugar
1/3 cup caster sugar 
1 tablespoon vanilla essence
1 egg
1½ cups flour

1 teaspoon baking powder
1 1/2 cups chocolate chips (I used a mix of dark, milk & white chips) 
Caramel Spread (optional & quantity at your discretion)

First thing's first, preheat your oven to 160 C. 

Chop up your chocolate bar into chunks until its about the size of chocolate chips.  I used a mix of white, dark and milk because that's what I had in my pantry. Plus the flavor combo was really nice. 

Cream your butter & sugars until fluffy. After that, add the vanilla and eggs to the bowl and whisk it all together. 

Then add the flour and baking powder mixture in thirds. Incorporating it into the creamy mixture as you go. Do this until the entire dry mixture is combined. 

Add the chocolate chips. 

Drop teaspoon sized portions of the dough on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.  I like to flatten out the dough with my hands a bit because I enjoy my cookies a little bit on the thinner side.  Make sure to keep the cookies an inch or so apart so they don't melt into each other when they're baking. Once you've lined up the cookies, get a teaspoon and drop a small dollop of caramel spread on top of each cookie. (This is totally optional, but makes all the difference!) 

Place them in the oven for about 10-12 minutes.  You'll know they're done when the bottoms are still soft, but they don't break apart on the spatula.  They should be able to completely retain their shape. 

Place em on a cookie rack to cool for a couple minutes, while you anxiously wait to gobble one down. 

These guys are not too sweet despite having a full cup of chocolate chips in them.  I definitely recommend using a mix of chips if possible or all dark chocolate because the caramel spread is very sweet. I think walnuts or pecans would be a good addition to these as well if you're after an extra crunch. 

These cookies are super versatile and as long as you stick to the basic dough recipe, I'm sure you could put pretty much anything in them. 

Anyways, be sure to let me know if you try these out!


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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Me & You, just us two.

This ill planned photo was snapped in a hurry as we were rushing to go elsewhere.  It's blurry and the lighting is funny, but there's something about the image that I absolutely love. Maybe it's the fact that were all dressed up or that we've finally chanced upon the popularly photographed alleyway of birdcages, or maybe it's because I know immediately after this photo was snapped, Miguel laid a big kiss on me. Whatever it is, it I like it.

Somehow, I'm reminded of our early days... of dinner dates, hotel stays (we we're long distance for a while)  and butterflies fluttering in my tummy.  Days when going out together was always a big event and every last detail was planned out -- I was so excited to show him the best of my city, and he the best of his. Days when we would spend afternoons laying under a big tree in golden gate park cloud watching and dreaming of our future together... days when everything was all so new.

Almost 4 years later, I can be honest in saying the butterflies have floated away and cloud watching comes few and far in between, but I'm just as happy and even more in love than I've ever been. That photo snapped just a couple days ago reminds me of what we once were and yet shows me what we still are.

How lucky I am to have a love like ours.

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