Thursday, May 30, 2013

Throwback Thursday! ...or the one about the Philippines

Last December my family and I took a month long trip to The Philippines.  I put together a little video that captured our time spent there, and I'm only just now getting around to sharing it with you guys. Hope you like it!

p.s. after suffering through that poor video quality, a new camera is definitely on my wish list!

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Oscar de la Renta for Paperless Post

Just a quick update to let you know: WE GOT A HOUSE! It's a gorgeous home, smack dab in the middle of the city, and I am so interested to see how it everything will pan out. As you probably guessed, between working, school and packing, I have very little time for myself much less wandering the internets, but I wanted to share one thing I found...
Have you heard of an invite so lux as this?! Seriously, they make me want to plan an event just so I can use them. What's great about them is an e-card can be customized with your details for free OR for a buck a pop you can get these printed and sent to your home. I'm nuts about them.

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Friday, May 17, 2013


Future housemates, 70s style.
we were at a fondue partaay!

Happy Friday, folks! Can't believe it's been nearly 2 months since my last Currently! Crazy.

Listening To: Lots & lots of triple j mornings. It's the only radio station that wakes me up..  My itouch has been defunct for over a year now, so I've really been relying on the radio on my android to listen to music during my commute. My mom gave me her old ipod nano (circa 2007!) a couple weeks back, and I still haven't put anything on it! If you have any good music I've been missing out on, let me know! (also, Empire of The Sun, I Know Leopard & Daft Punk who isn't!?)

Reading: I feel like I'm one of those book people who buy books and then let them pile up on my night stand without ever really finishing them. I'm still in the middle of 3 books! I've got Oliver Twist on my kindle, President Obama's Dreams of My Father that I'm slowly but surely getting through on my night stand, and my current favorite Grace by Grace Coddington is taking precedence over everything else.  I'm so loving her quirky sense of humour and her fabulous lifestyle.  She lives the stuff that dreams are made of, I tell ya.

Planning:  MOVING. Are you tired of me talking about moving yet? I feel like it's all that's been on my mind all month. We are getting closer and closer to finding the perfect home, and have 2 applications pending for 2 properties which we want so badly. Each house has a different vibe, but I think fits all 4 (!!!) of our personalities perfectly.  Fingers crossed we know where our new home will be before the weekend is over.

Watching: Once Upon A Time. WOAH BABY, I love that show. Like incredibly. The last time I was this obsessed with a drama was during my One Tree Hill days, and those that followed xanga & tumblr know of that high school/college obsession.  I'm loving all the characters on Once, and the storyline drags me in more and more with every episode.  I've just started the second season yesterday, and I'm obviously loving it. so so so so good.

Thinking About: Winter clothes shopping, but doing my best to hold out. Drooling on this, this, this & THIS, but until I've saved up enough money I will NOT purchase a thing!

Making Me Happy: toast with jam, going out to dinner, old facebook photos, hot pink everything, sunlight filled houses with bright white walls, dreaming up my new kitchen, my amazing coworkers and knowing that my first semester back at college is nearly ovaaahh!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On Cancer and Angelina Jolie's Bravery

Cancer is one of the scariest words I know. When mentioned, it automatically makes my stomach queezy and instills worry within me. It is often seen as an unpredictable disease that takes control of a person's body in the worst way. The unpredictability of it all probably scares me the most-- that someone can be acting completely normal and healthy one moment and the next be weak and feeble. That's scary.

Today I read an article Angelina Jolie wrote for The New York Times sharing her very personal story with cancer. She outlined how cancer has affected her family, particularly her mother who passed away from the disease, and she talked about something I found surprising -- prevention. Up until two seconds ago, I had no clue that cancer could be prevented. That measures for breast and ovarian cancer could be taken to lower one's risk of the disease.  Apparently, they can. Jolie inherited a mutated gene from her mother which increased her chances of getting breast cancer by 87% and ovarian cancer by 50%.  Because she decided to get tested for the gene mutation, she was able to take fate into her own hands, and get a preventative double mastectomy.  The invasive 3 surgeries left her feeling bruised, but not broken because by doing them, she was able to lower her risk of breast cancer from 87% to less than 4%. How major.

I know mastectomy sounds scary and intense, and there is a fear of losing one's femininity, but I think Angelina is even more the feminine, strong woman for doing this. She was able to let go of any superficiality and think about the needs of her children and her strong desire to stay alive for them.  The amazing part of it all is that she wasn't even told she had cancer; there was still a chance she wouldn't have gotten it. But her life and her life with her children was more important and not worth the risk of potential cancer.

She was brave in her choices, and she was incredibly kind and thoughtful to write about her experience to the public.  I know she's educated tons of people through this article, and I am so glad I was one of them. If you know that breast cancer or ovarian cancer runs in your family, I strongly suggest you try and get tested for the mutated genes mentioned in Jolie's article. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Love List !

...or my love letter to the internet for the good things that have come up this week!

image via

SARAH JESSICA PARKER. Holy hell, you killed it at the metball this year. Like really killed it. Everything about her outfit is love. Pure love. even the mohawk. I'm also gonna be honest and tell you that this entire post was inspired by that photo above. I just wanted a reason to post SJP in all her glory. seriously.

From one fashionista to a fashion prince. Phillip Lim is releasing a capsule collection of over 100 pieces for Target later this September. The price points will start at US $19.99 and go up to $299, making much of the collection affordable to the everyday Phillip Lim dreamer. With pieces like this & this, I'm super excited to see what he'll come up with for the Target consumer. Also, super sads that they WON'T have this in OZ, so you can bet I'll be forcing my bestie to run into Target and grab me some before they sell out!!

& just to keep the materialism going... I found this necklace on etsy the other day, and I'm in love. In absolute love. I kinda wish I would've found it a few weeks ago so I could have begged Miguel to get it for my birthday... but alas these things happen, so I'm putting it on my wishlist. If I can successfully pay for tuition, move and pass my driver's test, I will reward myself with it! Where there's a will, there's a way guys. hah

 Happy Friday, guys! The weekend's here, and I hope whatever it is that you're up to, it's full of only good things.


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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

M A Y !

It's May! Hello Spring! Hello wedding season! Hello my birthday! Oh wait just kidding, we're heading into winter on this side of the world, and I haven't been invited to any weddings... BUT I did celebrate my 24th last weekend! I can easily say that it was the best birthday I've had since I moved here 4 birthdays ago. There was lots of food, lots of dancing, good conversation, copious amounts of booze and heavy hangovers all weekend long. 2 hangovers in 2 days ... pretty massive.

But now that that's all over, I'm looking forward to what the second half of the year will bring. I seriously can't believe this year is nearly half done. CRAY! This month I've got a couple major things I will be focusing on-- moving into yet another new apartment (!) and studying to take my permit test. Yup, this girl is ready to take on the wide, open road. Well maybe not so wide and open as of yet... maybe more closed and parking lot looking, but hey first steps right? The goal is to finish the month having completely studied for and taken the learners license test. With the last few weeks of uni and exams coming up, plus being back on the 7-3 work shift, plus spending my weekends house hunting, it's going to be tough, but I know I can do it.
I'm putting it out here to hold myself accountable.  So I'll definitely keep you guys updated.

So about moving... the four of us, as in Miguel, my sister, her boyfriend and me are all moving into a 2 bedroom home somewhere close to the city by the end of the month. I'm super excited to be living with other people and seeing what that vibe is like.  Not only will it be significantly cheaper to live with housemates, it'll also *hopefully* be significantly funner.  I'm definitely ready to see what this new home dynamic will be.

So there ya go, horray for May and new life changes! Doesn't it feel like my life's always in some process? crazy.


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