Monday, March 30, 2015

The Most Awesome Day Off

*Warning this post is a bit self-indulgent. Read on to see lots of photos of my face.* 

I'm one of the lucky ones who work for a company that believe in the coveted RDO or Registered Day Off.  It's a beautiful little perk to my job that allows me one day off a month in return for lessening my lunch from one hour to 40 minutes, which obviously is so worth it.

Normally I utilize my day to do those boring necessary life tasks like going to the doctors, but this time I wanted to have a no holds barred, perfectly Praxis day off. Here's what I did.

I started my day with a little reading session in the jacuzzi upstairs.  One of my favorite things to do lately, is spend the morning relaxing in the spa reading a good book. No one ever thinks to come up in the morning, so it's like the jacuzzi is all mine.  I'm currently reading Wild, and after a slow start, am starting to love it.

Then I decided to get my lazy butt moving and head over to the gym.  It was cool to go during the day and see how different the dynamic is from the night time when I normally go.  I really pushed myself on the treadmill this day and managed to run 4 kilometers in 30 minutes! It was the farthest I've ever run in that time.  I know I still have a long way to go to meet my goals, but I was really proud of myself to get that far. 

After that, my sweaty self checked out the new Mambo exhibition in our building. The artwork was crazy, outlandish and fun.  The brand has been around since the eighties and their latest project is a collaboration with DC comics. #poorbatman 

Nothing better than a delicious lunch after a workout. 

...and then after a few hours some whisky to put the calories right back on.

I was meeting Miguel and some friends for after work drinks, so I obviously had to pregame while getting ready. Tee Hee!

Then came the best part -- meeting up with friends, drinking copiously, eating pizza at Frankies, dancing to death metal and to Journey and taking extra happy faced snapchats to cement the occasion. 

It was the perfect day. 

May God bless the human who invented the RDO. 



Friday, March 13, 2015

I'm Just SO Proud! + a bit of that Anonymous message to Kanye.

This week has been an incredible one for my family. My step dad, sister, her boyfriend and mine have all accomplished little (big!) victories in their lives in these last seven days.

I won't embarrass them and lay it all out here, but I will say that I am just so proud!

Watching these four achieve success this week was a real reminder that through hard work, dedication and a touch of creativity one can really move towards greatness.

Congrats to them!

...While I spent this afternoon being so happy for my family, I stumbled upon this message sent to Kanye West by the Anonymous group.

Now while I can't say I agree with everything they've said, I did find one point quite important.

Kanye West sings "no one man can have all that power." But he does right? He is an internationally known, wealthy, loud, opinion-driven man.  He can say almost anything and millions of fans will lean on his every word.  I know, I'm one of them! But instead of using his 'power' for good (cue Peter Parker) it seems he uses his celebrity to push the agenda that he says he is actively fighting.

It feels like one big confusing circle.  He rejects the 'New Slave'* mentality, but yet is completely involved with fashion, celebrity and using sex to sell objects. You can't be a 'Renaissance Man' if you're pushing the stuff everyone else is pushing. You can't reject the 'New Slave' mentality if you're one yourself.

The Anonymous message as a whole was about using success and power to do good. It bashed Kanye sure, but I think the main agenda was to explain that power and success should be used wisely.

I found it quite poignant that this message was released on the same day that members of my family were experiencing their little successes. It served as a great reminder to use power and success for good.

Weird, mis-mashed blog? Sure!
...but hey at least we've finally moved on from those Currently posts right?


*I hate the term New Slave. I think it's inappropriate and disrespectful.  Kanye made it up, not me!

Monday, March 09, 2015

The Galentines Weekend That Was (or a small reflection on sisterhood.)

Valentines Day flowers in full bloom!
I can't believe nearly a month has passed since Valentines day. Be that as it may, I couldn't let any more days slip by without telling you all about my Valentines weekend -- Galentines, if you will.

Let me preface this by saying Valentines is one of my favorite holidays in the year. Not because I'm into the cheesy hallmark spectacle, (Shh! I kinda am!)  but more because I enjoy taking the night to have real conversations with Miguel about our relationship. We cover all things: where it's been, where it is and where we see ourselves going in the future.  It really is one of the few nights in the year where we make intentional predictions and decisions about our life together.

This year however was a little different.

Miguel being overseas meant that I had to rethink my valentines agenda, and after a little rejigging around, Galentines weekend was born!

I have a couple of girlfriends who live outside of Sydney in the Central Coast -- a gorgeous little municipality full of tiny suburbs surrounded by water and people who enjoy living a laid back lifestyle.  It was the perfect weekend location.

My vision was this -- swimming, girl talk and LOTS of cheese.

We weren't kidding about the cheese.

Armed with this vision for our weekend, my gal pals and I let ourselves go.  We chatted away til the wee hours of the night.  We drank copious amounts of wine. We even booked ourselves in for hour long massages.

When the sun shone, we hung out by the pool and when we were tired of being outside, we watched chick flicks and food shows.

It may have been the epitome of a perfect weekend.  I came home feeling rejuvenated and so lucky to have finally made some awesome girlfriends in Australia.

Sometimes I wonder to myself what I've missed out on by being coupled up in my twenties. I imagine my weekends filled with ladies nights, wine tastings, dancing til 3 am in the bar with randoms. I wonder if I've stopped myself from getting to have these experiences -- trading them in for pizza nights in, movie dates and looking forward to the weekend grocery shop.  Have I missed out?

But then weekends like this, remind me that nope, I haven't.  I've got the best of both worlds, truly. Which should probably be normal right? Weekends at home will always be my favorite, but a sprinkling of a girls weekend out every so often will always be my favorite too.